Who are we?

     The Omega Radio Club started off as a social club for UHF CB users, but the urge to put our radios to better use has made us evolve into something much more than just a club. For about 40 years the Omega Radio Club has been providing communications to the community.

We provide communication for many different activities such as fun runs and scouting events, but mostly car rallies, because of the great demand for safety.

     After many years we out grew the CB radios and expanded our resources to include dedicated VHF frequencies, which provide better coverage. While not a big club we are dedicated and efficient, almost all our members regularly attend activities and we strive to provide the best service possible.

     A typical event would have a base radio and operator at HQ, a repeater (automatic relay) on a high vantage point to increase range, members with radios at all checkpoints and radios installed in all official cars.

We then provide communications to help set up the event, keep track of competitors and, most importantly, provide a safety net.

     Over the years we have built good relationships, not only with the people using our service, but with experts and officials we deal with in the pursuit of our hobby. With the help of these contacts, we are able to keep improving our equipment and gain access to resources that allow us to provide a service many others can’t.

     Our permanent Melbourne repeater allows us to check and improve our equipment, and several members have the expertise to fix almost any problem.

     As well as regular meetings we enjoy various social functions each year and members who attend communication activities get a small fuel subsidy, so the biggest expense in this hobby is time.

     If you need communications or are interested in radio or car rallies please feel free to contact us.

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